Tower of Balance

Every system has a flaw. On the right, I show an anti-capitalist piece of propaganda. As we centralize, we move closer in that direction. In the old days, Emperors and Popes had an incestual relationship. George Orwell’s 1984 warns against centralized power, but two religions now own the Supreme Court and much of our media. You say Protestants once ran most everything, but Protestant is not a religion; it is the many religions which rose against the incest between the Pope and the King — Church and State.

Jews may actually stand between the old incestual relations, at present time. Thank god for Jews, I guess. Unless the Catholics are protecting us from the Jews. Both look like foreign powers. Do we already have a 1984 media situation? How much of American media is now split by these two groups?

I show Johannes VermeerWoman Holding a Balance from the Google Art Project; which, represents an old Protestant view (I realize many Protestant may not still hold such values but to come close to the values of our Founders). The woman puts her treasures and her moral values on the scale. Balance is the key.

I saw a news piece today about a former NFL player, Jason Brown, he gave up football to become a farmer and help the needy. I don’t know if he is Protestant, but the majority of Blacks in this country are.

Communists made a shabbier version of the same tower, above. They embedded up with less prosperity at all levels. Communists often use a centralized Church similar to the Catholic Church. Tight control of media is used in Communist countries and the Catholic Church. Obama is bringing in more Catholic voters with this immigration stance. Welcome to 1984. Will we step back in time to the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre? Technology can make socialism work, but I’m still giving a warning about the balance of power? Few will see this post anyway and many will just mark me as a conspiracy theorist; which, I’m really not, people bumble their way into this repetitious pattern. History keeps echoing into the present.

I thought about putting a Tower of Babel into this chapter because both have a theme of narcissism. Catholicism and Communism make towers out of bureaucracy and the central leader on top often falls into the narcissistic dictator category. China has improved as they loosened up a small bit. Pope Francis seems like a nice enough guy, but people need to think about this centralization issue. Jews may have seen anti-Semitism in my posts, but in reality I’m just making observations and giving them some thinking material about their perception. Rising in power has dangers, you best worry about your attacks on WASPs. You know you did. Protestants only have so many cheeks to turn. Maybe Catholics or Muslims will be your friend. Good luck with that.


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