Isn’t Kismet cute? I’m sure many have heard the dire dangers that artificial intelligence may pose, so the Kismet’s name seems appropriate. Obama appears to want to move toward a socialist system and I suspect the only way we can escape what has happened in Cuba and in many other Communist countries is getting a lot of good from artificial intelligence.

I’m not privy to what Elon Musk has seen, so I’m not sure what to make of his fear of killer robots and how real the fear is. I have read Isaac Asimov, and he did a lot of thinking on the subject. I have also read the dangers of global warming due to our corn crops. I guess robots will need to kill us so we can’t eat or grow anymore corn.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around Jews leading us to the promise land of socialism. They did play a big part of Left-wing politics, but I am certain many are wondering about their new path across the Red Sea.

Kismet is an element of my novel. This period of history begs for a good spoofing, so maybe I will work something in.

Description: Photograph of the robot Kismet

Source: Photograph taken by Jared C. Benedict on 16 October 2005.

Copyright: © Jared C. Benedict.


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