Move over string theory. We all have stings on us, but my theory of life looks like my theory of the universe. “My Jacks falling like dominos theory,” hold true in the history of events and our genetic history. Everything is cause and effect. Everything about you depends on an ancestor turning right or left. Causation is tricky; we are oddly shaped dominos.

Dominos in a controlled environment can only fall in a limited number of ways. Jacks fall in multiple positions and tumble with more chaotic effect. I’m not sure what shape works in between, where you get multiple, seemingly random, but predictable falling patterns. My novel deals with causation, so the mechanics of quantum mechanics tumble in my head. Humans have much similarity with quantum computers. We function with fuzzy logic.

Dr. Ben Carson’s stance on evolution, sent my mind tumbling. I’m guessing his religious belief creates his stance; but can’t a god create evolution. I’m agnostic because I can come up with numerous theories on everything. Equate the ball to the Big Bang then watch the Jacks tumble. Maybe the son of god played jacks and we ejaculated out into the world. I see parables, metaphors, and allusions in the bible and other religious works. Would a god expect man to understand the complexity of creation.

Images from Wikimedia




1878_Adams_Monumental_Illustrated_Panorama_of_History_-_Geographicus_-_WorldHistory-adams-1871 I used this because of the mix of history.


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