Is it possible Johnny Depp‘s ancestors came to Florida , before the Pilgrims? Many Huguenots came from Dieppe, from which Depp  derives his name. The men, shown on the far right, came from Dieppe. MY ancestors may have been there, as well, because I have Huguenot blood and my Native American blood comes from Florida.

The Huguenots had trade relations with the natives, but did the French Protestants have food to offer, fro a Thanksgiving feast?  The Pilgrims had Squanto, who helped the Plymouth Rock colony survive and had food to put ‘the giving’ into Thanksgiving. Turkey was available to both colonies, but the French in Florida struggled to survive; they never acquired a harvest.

I have Spanish ancestors associated with early Florida, as well, but they had bad relations with the natives, at this point in history. In my opinion, the French may own the first Thanksgiving but not for certain. Huguenots were among the Pilgrims, so they are knotted to Thanksgiving either way. Both colonies had families, not just soldiers and seamen.

Pedro Menendez eventually found friends among the natives, so the Spanish have a chance. I’m not sure when the first families arrived. The Roanoke Colony and Jamestown settlers both beat the Pilgrims to our shores. I have Jamestown ancestors, as well. Roanoke is my weakest link, but who knows. Where the heck did they go?


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