Johannes Vermeer shows the balance between wealth and spirit, in Woman Holding a Balance. Spirit is a divisive term, for a reason I do not fully understand. Do I wish all dogs go to heaven? Yes, a happy hunting ground where no one truly dies sounds heavenly (sounds like gamer paradise, as well). One can imagine rules of the afterlife, but only a god can know the rules beyond the grave. When I use the word spirit, I mean something outside the narcissist dream.

People, who can see beyond themselves, make capitalism work. Want of more, just for your self, drives capitalism but if this spirit never extends beyond the self – doom awaits.

If Jews are a dominant player in the media game then they control all the invisible money flowing through the marketing game. Free stuff paid for by advertising is not truly free. Obamacare may have legally escaped being called a tax in the legal terms, but it is a dirty form of socialism. Will this form of socialism fix our woeful medical system? Socialist countries with great disparity in privilege fit the dictatorship category. Too much unchecked power held by one group is a threat. One or even two groups holding too many cards in the political and the media game, poses a threat. I have no problem with true socialism but it is a difficult place to reach and the path the United States seems to have taken, seems wrong.

Advertising budgets get passed along to the consumer, so when Kim Kardashian gets big bucks for showing some skin; little folks pay. Did Jewish ties and media influence make Kin K a celebrity? The sex tape probably played a larger factor, but this lack of balance in our society is troubling. I wish people saw the picture, as I see the image above. Theism of a religion matters little to me, as long as a strong humanitarian spirit survives. I can’t say for sure how much power, the Jewish people hold in the US, but Jonathan Gruber’s Jewish socialism seems troubling. Raking in big bucks with little concern for the greater community is troubling.

Power mongering by large religious groups is an overall theme of my novel. Roman Catholicism gets the brunt of my criticism, but I believe in spreading the wealth. Judaism and Islam may have their versions of Protestants, but it is difficult to tell. Protestants in the US gave leeway to other religions and their drop in power, makes you wonder if the were too nice, in giving leeway. Are the Kardashians an asset or a liability to the American way?


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