The six degrees of separation theory says everyone connects to every other person in six steps, Of course, the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a popular example. I use the pig avatar for several reasons, one reason comes from the historical fact that the conquistadors brought pigs to the New World and I have conquistador blood. I also have Huguenot blood, as does Johnny Depp. I don’t know if it is true, but supposedly Depp collects pig skeletons – talk about kismet.

Depp interconnects with Florida in many ways; first off, he grew up here. They filmed Edward Scissorhands in Lakeland and; of course, Disney’s Pirates connects in many ways, and some Huguenots that came to Florida became pirates.

My novel uses Depp because of his link to Florida history. I use Flora Disney (Walt’s mother) for her namesake (Flora, the Roman goddess) and her link to Kismet. My whole novel fits this six degree theory. I am Florida bacon, but Depp works as well.

Craig Fass, Brian Turtle, Mike Ginelli wrote the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon book which is pictured.


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