Garry Trudeau created, Uncle Duke, for his comic strip Doonesbury, as homage to Hunter Thompson (who apparently took offence, at first). I use allusions in my novel and the story changes to suit the allusion. Raoul Duke, Thompson’s alter-ego in, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, features in my present chapter in rewrite. This allusion made a slight change in my story.

Thompson began his journalism career, while stationed at the Eglin Air Force base, not far from Pensacola. Depp who plays Raoul Duke, the movie above, grew up in South Florida Depp became friend with Thompson and played character created by Thompson, in The Rum Diary. I’ve mention before how I use Depp, in my novel. I didn’t plan, too. I just noticed how he kept factoring in to elements in my story. It’s just kismet.


2 thoughts on “The Faces of Raoul Duke

  1. Uncle Duke – great Trudeau character. I think Doonesbury is the best comicstrip I’ve ever read. I loved all the characters he created, and used to get a kick out of his renderings of the White House, always with a pointed… um… point of view.

    Interesting that Thompson initially took offense at the caricature; one of Trudeau’s best.


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