The Seminoles(FSU) and the Gators (University of Florida) have two of the best war chants; the University of Miami – not so much. While writing this chapter in my novel, I think a lot about sports fans in the state of Florida. One conclusion I made, the Hurricanes need a redo. Their war chant needs help, so I will help them out.

Reign Rain Hurricanes or Raise Cain Hurricanes will both do as upgrade to their present war chant. Play some Credence Clearwater Revival, Who’ll Stop the Rain, and answer back – no one stops the rain (reign) of the Hurricanes.

I put in Thoth because the Egyptians held the ibis a sacred creature and Thoth often wore an ibis head. Thoth symbolizes higher learning; perfect for Miami’s image. Bacchus is the best deity for party schools. Sebastian (as in Sebastian Bach) is their mascot, so they can say they put the Bach in Bacchus; maybe they should consider giving the former Skid Row singer an honorary degree. I wonder if Johann Sebastian Bach, the composer, ever raised Cain at Oktoberfest.


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