Apparently the music industry is stricter than the literary world. I normally use titles; which is fine, but need to check where I overextend. Even one line of lyric is an issue. I can use “That Smell,” because it is the title of a Lynyrd Skynyrd song, but adding more from the lyric,s to make the song identifiable, will cost money. I allude to Lynyrd Skynyrd they fit in as Florida trivia, but I guess I have to do some editing because I’m sure I used a whole line of lyric.

Musicians often take from the literary word, but the laws appear different. The Doors alludes to the title of the Aldous Huxley novel, but I lay odds some lyrics borrow from other literary pieces. Steely Dan took their name a sex toy in William S. Burroughs, “Naked Lunch.” I allude to Burroughs because he has Florida connections and I allude to Steely Dan because of the Burroughs connection.

Trivia is a form of history and allusions are common practice The music industry seems to strict on this issue.

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