No none bashes Puritans more than a man with Puritan blood. Many, if not most, American students hate reading Nathaniel Hawthorne, but leaning from a past keeps you from repeating the mistake. The Puritan bred author gives students a reminder of past mistakes.

Pearl, the daughter, born from an adulterous relationship is a reminder. I often give Feminists a hard time about the mixed messages they send, but I have no problem if Feminists want to make the case that it takes two to commit adultery and men  deserve equal blame. Hawthorne treats the women rather well; especially for the era,, Feminists should give the male author his due.

The crime in adultery is the violation of trust. STD’s raise the stakes. If I owned a jewelry business, I would market a “open relationship” rings. If a couple wants to allow sexual dalliances outside of marriage, just wear the ring.

The bottle cap represents an episode from the TV series, “Cheers.” Sam (Ted Danson) took his last drink and kept the bottle cap as a reminder of his alcoholic past. When I decided to weave the concept of feedback into my novel, I came up with a simple idea – a physical reminder offers mental feedback. Pearl and the bottle cap are reminders.

I gave thoughts about what my character may carry as a keepsake, but I have nothing firm.

The first image is for John Barry’s soundtrack to the movie, Demi Moore and Gary Oldman on the cover, The second image represents Pearl, the daughter and comes from Wikipedia page for, “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” painted by Johannes Vermeer.(Source/Photographer )


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