I on occasion make somewhat inflammatory posts. Blame this on Orwellian perspective. Many people just see Big Brother as a government; I call those people stupid. Some people may see two, maybe three, of my posts as anti-Semitic nut I’m sorry if I wonder if our news might have bias. I don’t know if Charlie Sheen and the Mel Gibson blasts about Jewish control of the entertainment industry is true – I’m not in the industry. I have researched enough to make me wonder. I prefer a neutral America, so Jewish dominance in the media bothers me a bit. Like I said – Orwellian (Seeing things as Orwell saw them, the phrase has been coined the other way).

Look at Pew Polls and Jews are generally liked by Protestants, but Jews do not return the favor, even though Protestant America has more or less saved Israel’s butt. Protestant is not a religion, but individual religions that stood up against the Big Brother of Big Brothers – the Catholic Church which killed and persecuted Protestants, Muslims, Jews, Pagan, or pretty much everyone for centuries, during the Inquisition. Protestant America was generally, “mind your own business,” but they did things like save Jewish butts from Catholic Hitler – but look at those Pew polls about Jews.

The entertainment industry often shows the “poor, persecuted Jew:,” but I ask who discriminates against who, when you look at the Pew? Here is the link.

Maybe the polls, Sheen, and Gibson are wrong; I don’t know. I don’t approve of the Islāmic threats to wipe out, but I do believe Jews need to stop their own discriminatory practices and not talking about the Jewish Donald Sterling, who I defended because he was obviously on medication and being old doesn’t help either. If any Jews want to protest my accusations of discrimination against other people not of their faith – they better research first. There are many different Jewish sects, but I’m relatively sure the Protestants are way more diverse but get lumped in together.

I consider myself Agnostic, somewhat pan-deist, like Einstein appeared to be. Pan-deism accepts the god creator theory as a possibility. The Jew as ethnic group or a religion also for ethnic, but not religious. Jews like Einstein. I understand this, but many supposedly smart Jews don’t seem to understand Protestants come in many.different flavors. Agnostic, deism, and Pan-deism can all fall under some definitions of Protestant. Anyone but Catholics may fall under one definition.

I write as an individual and I see good points in a “small church” system. Big Religion = Big Brother – to my Orwellian eyes. I’m not trying to stir up hate; I hate that religion divides people. I’m just giving a warning, Orwellians have eyes and concerns. I have no issues with anyone’s theism.

I use the term Orwellian different than some do.

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