fig-018Clay alligator

Don’t ya hate
That gator’s smile,
When he smell
That Smell
You know he smell
Dat gator bait.
You in Gator country, now
And a chomp-chomp; we vow
We rock dat Molly Hatchett
Not that Seminole racket
Me My Mine
Sing the Eagles
Just like the Beatles
Me My Mine.

Still, needs work but a functional start, considering my original idea got busted when I learned the music industry has stricter rules than the literary world. I’m not a songwriter, so I hoped to use the template of a traditional and familiar song; add lines from songs to match my themes but the copyright laws forced me to build from scratch.

“That Smell “ is a Lynyrd Skynyrd song and I may still have copyright issues due to a similar pattern. The way I use my allusions may be safe. My way works, in the way, that game shows and other trivia users use lyrics. I also have to make money for them to bother suing me, so I’m probably safe.

My reference to Molly Hatchet’s song,”Gator Country,” is safe because I just use the title. I give slight reference to the Seminole Gator rivalry and I may allude to Miami in the final draft.

I may fit other individuals or groups into the lyrics, eventually.

The chorus compares the Eagles breakup to the Beatles and fits my narcissist theme but I still need work on the rhythm. I need to finish my Florida State song and my University of Miami song before I can make a few decisions. I may use the same of similar choruses for the colleges.

The University of South Florida Bulls work as my transition out of this scene, in my novel, but I’m not sure I will make a song. The University of Miami song may cause problems because they have a more eclectic set of musician connected to them. Southern Rock fits American football, but Miami’s Gloria Estefan – not so much. I have to go over a bunch of song titles to find what works. more research.

Image credits: The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Maya Indians of Southern Yucatan and
Northern British Honduras, by Thomas William Francis Gann


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