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The gang war dance happens all over the world. Islamic extremists killed media members in France for satire. I poke at Catholics instead because there isn’t much difference between Catholic Inquisitors and Islamic Jihadists. The Inquisition poked its way into the twentieth century, did a Pope ever apologize or admit the atrocities made in the name of god. Protestant America made kids read Nathaniel Hawthorne, who made clear his Puritan ancestor erred.

Little gangs are manageable, but the size of Catholicism and Islamism endanger the individual. Goliaths don’t need to be evil, they can kill with missteps. Protestants don’t share a single head – they don’t have a Pope or even a state Shah. Large unionization of religion is the problem, not the beliefs in god.

My present chapter,in rewrite, originally made reference to West Side Story and the final version still may. Sports fanatics and religious fanatics fit the gang profile; wars mostly feature gang wars. All animals are territorial and protecting turf is understandable. Losing ground is depressing, but religion should not add to the natural territorial problem.

A god does not need people to kill for him, her, or it. A god does not need a Pope or Supreme Court Justice in denial. A god does not need a Shah. A god does not need a gun. A god may need laughs; I don’t know. I even call myself Agnostic because I don’t know.

The Inquisition lasted for centuries and American Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor considers herself the better of others for her faithful following the religion of the Inquisitors – will a Muslim version do the same. The dance continues.


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