I’m sorry guys, but this alumni list does little to make me think Hurricanes. The Gators had Southern Rock and Southern Rock says Gator Football. Ben Folds can rock the suburbs; Enrique Iglesias might work for football, as in soccer, but American Football – not so much.

The Dixie Dregs, sort of fit, but I suspect only guitarists and serious music buffs know about them. I thought about 2 Live Crew, but their songs revolve more around sex than football. Grace Slick brings a White Rabbit, but still not Hurricane.

Gloria Estefan’s rhythm may get you, but can her Sound Machine rev up a defensive end to get after a quarterback – I’m less than sure.

I’m just trying create a rowdy atmosphere for a scene in my book using sports fanatics and music groups from Florida colleges. Maybe Gloria Estefan is rowdy drunk. Maybe I will have turn my war chant into a true song. I’m perplexed.


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