Flo Rida probably favors the University of Miami but this album links him to the Seminoles. The reason stares you, in the face, if you see the image of this album.

Seminoles translates to Wild Ones

His name is also built into the state (Flo Rida State)

When I made my posts about the University of Miami; I considered Flo Rida because he has connections to 2 Live Crew; which, has connections to the Miami Hurricanes. I only care because the title will work as an allusion , in this present chapter in rewrite. I turn Florida trivia into allusions for my novel and this allusion fits with the Seminoles.

Sia, did the vocals for the title track and she interests me for other reasons. I created the Aussie in my novel before I head of Sia. My Aussie character came to mind because I hear some similarity between Aussie accent and Southerners in America. Plus Florida and Australia both have crocodiles; plus Paul Hogan starred in Flipper, the movie.