I complained about the University of Miami’s school spirit, but FSU has a different issue. You can say anything about an entity, such as a hurricane, and no one will complain (well, maybe the thunder-god – Thor) but the Seminoles have a political correctness issue. I don’t have worry much about what the Seminoles say; I hold a can of worms that I doubt they want open. At the moment, I only care about the Seminole spirit.

The Seminole war chant has a spiritual nature. Jim Morrison often brought a spiritual nature to The Doors. I’m not sure a poet or artist, of any sort, can survive as an Atheist. Creative people may not conform to a religious norm, but nihilism kills many a soul. Morrison may have exaggerated about the Native Americans dying in the street, after a car wreck, but the incident still had effect. Being a Florida State Seminole, probably felt proper to him. He may not had the blood but he, most likely, liked the spirit.

Scott Stapp and Creed go more for the religious norm of Christianity; rumors have it, he also worships Narcissus (most front men for bands probably do). You can see the Christian symbolism on the album cover and in the lyrics. The group matches well with the themes of my chapter in rewrite. I still don’t know if I can make this scene with rowdy songs work. The Gator’s have a Southern Rock sound that works well for this scene. FSU and Miami have more difficult styles.

FSU has popular Country artists among their alumni but spiritual styles appear to fit better with the FSU war chant than Country music. I will probably explore the country artists, in the next post.

Scott Stapp and Jim Morrison attended FSU, by the way.


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