Seminole Country

Rita Coolidge, Jake Owen, and Brian Kelley (the Florida half of Florida Georgia Line) are on the Florida State alumni list. John Anderson never attended FSU, but he earns a link due to his song, Seminole Wind.

I like some Rap and Country, but I favor Rock and POP. I’m just looking for who I might allude to in my novel; I use theme related allusions and Florida is one of my themes. I also have a James bond theme, so I need to think harder on Rita and Octopussy. Seminole Wind makes for an easy allusion and will most likely make my cut. I see some song titles; which interest me, but Jake Owen and Brian Kelly are more debatable.. I make these posts to help me keep track of whom to consider.

I’m searching mainly for what goes best with the Seminole war chant. I still feel a more spiritual style fits best, but something with a bit of rowdiness will work, too. Even though I only will use the song title and no one will actually hear the song; I still prefer to match style. The political correctness  issue probably affects the number of Seminole related songs. I may send Slim Whitman and his Indian Love Call up to FSU. I have some more ideas in Rock music. I think a Country music alumni member of FSU needs to show some love soon or I’ll move on.


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