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Oliver Stone offered Ian Astbury, the Jim Morrison role; which, went to Val Kilmer. The Doors had a major influence on Astbury and the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex (or Southern Death Cult) donated the band’s name and influenced many songs. As you can see on the map, the Florida resides in the Southern Death Cult region. Astbury never attended FSU never attended FSU, but he should consider joining Jim Morrison on the alumni list or FSU should do  me a favor and draft him.

Who is the apparent Seminole chief, on the lower right? William Augustus Bowles, who had no Native American blood, but entitled himself as ‘Chief of the Embassy for Creek and Cherokee Nations.’ You don’t see the name Seminole because my ancestors did not name them, yet. I don’t know for sure if my ancestors gave them their name, but I have good odds. I have Spanish and Native American ancestors in Florida before English linked tribes.

Bowles went to far when he called himself, ‘Chief of all Indians present’ at a tribal council. Those ‘Indians present’ turned him over to the Spanish and died in a Cuban prison. Political correctness is a tough thing to maneuver around. I find interest in many cultures, but all have flaws. I don’t know why my grandfather hated his grandmother; he never went into detail and may or may not have good reason. I love to link history to trivia and I’m not criticizing Morrison or Astbury for their interest in Native American culture but political correctness is tricky and I suspect it plays a part in the songs sung about Native Americans.

I’m an allusion freak, so this limited song collection binds me, somewhat. Drafting, ‘The Cult’ gives me a few more titles to play with in my ‘Games Without Frontiers’ game that I do with sports fans in my novel. I enjoy sports, but fanatics are fanatics and many fail to see the sanity line.; whether it be, religion, sports, or other social outlets.

The Cult and The Doors have a Native American spirit which meshes well with the Seminole war chant; which, makes them allusion worthy for me. Astbury only has indirect connection to FSU, but sometimes I have to cheat. So I consider The Cult, as a definite maybe. Morrison is a for sure allusion. I still can’t remember offhand, if I mention Bowles (Estajoca was his tribal name) in my novel; this post also acts as a reminder.




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