Lobo may be the biggest musical artist from USF (University of South Florida). USF was a commuter school and lacked the communal aspect. Even the much smaller colleges in Florida have put out more musical talent and I suspect being commuter; rather than, communal has caused this lack of talent. Even solo artists need others to grow. USF has added housing, so they may do better in the future.

Lobo, the lone wolf, had some success in the US and did better in Asia. “Me and You and a Dog Named Boo“, “I’d Love You to Want Me” were his biggest hits.

I planned to use USF in my transition to my next scene. The image I use of the bulls, on the USF campus, shows the reason. Bulls play a large part in mythology and Florida history (my novel uses these elements). I also use trivia, but USF has let me down in the music department. Lobo will probably get alluded to, but the only other USF alumni member of interest, to me, is Gallagher – the prop comic. Florida obviously excels in prop comedy. Carrot Top was born and raised in Florida.

Image from Wikimedia:

English: The Running of the Bulls in front of the University of South Florida’s Marshall Center
Date 30 July 2009
Source Template:Own work, All Rights Released (Public Domain)
Author Rick DeBow

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