The Vatican and not wait for Pope, as per usual. Pope Francis got his job because the Vatican needed a new face. The Pope made a statement on climate in which, I agree, but I mock him for his statement on freedom of speech. I criticize both the atheists and the religious for much the same reason. I’m against absolutism.

A god ddoesn’tneed man to kill. Satire isn’t a gun. Yes, it can irritate. But the true satirist does just wants to highlight a point. Inquisitors did not persecute and kill people for not be Spanish, so why do we use the term, “Spanish Inquisition.” Maybe If we called used the term “Catholic Inquisition” maybe people would have learned the about, “not killing for god.”

ABC news need to tell their correspondents not to brag about being Catholic. Same goes to Sonia Sotomayor. “This my religion is better than your religion,” needs to stop. I’m sorry if I don’t know if an afterlife exists, but see it as plausible and wishful. If a god wants me to know for sure he can tell me. I don’t see a Pope as anymore “all knowing” than a homeless guy on the street. A Jihadist with a gun is just another lunatic, who makes their religion look much worse than a satirist.

If the Vatican did what was right instead of trying to cover up pedophile rapists, I couldn’t satire. Am I wrong to compare the atrocities committed by this era’s religious extremists to the centuries of atrocities committed by the Catholic Church? Should we learn from history or repeat? Has a Pope ever given public admission of such atrocities and apologize?

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