Peace -horz

(It probably isn’t meant to be sung. My use is literary)

We believe in peace
Here’m at the Doak
Hear’m that croak

That’m Peace Frog
He say weather turn fowl
Hear’m that howl
That’m Peace Dog

He say moon turn red
Howl like this wake’m the dead.
Hear a voice which cuts like Figaro-a
Wo oh woah oh woah woah oh woah oh woah oh woah

Hear the call for war
Feel my spirit soar
Up from the glades
Come Osceola and the renegades.
On Seminole Wind my spirit flies
Our renegade spirit never dies

I still need to work on the rhythm and will probably match the chorus to my Gator song, but workable for now. I alluded to ‘Peace Frog’ from, The Doors; ‘Peace Dog’ from, The Cult; and ‘Seminole Wind’ from John Anderson. I see where I might add a Flo Rida, ‘Wild Onesallusion but I will hold off for now. I may add a Creed allusion in the chorus after I finish my Miami song. When I get my three songs, I might see how I will match things up and whether I will add any other schools.

Doak refers to the stadium. The FSU war chant is the ‘woah’ part.


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