I made theoretical lyrics for Florida’s three biggest three universities. Reworking the lyrics to share the same chorus may be my next step. After I looked at 3 songs side-by-side, I notice the Seminole and Hurricane songs start with peace and calm. The Gator’s smile gives a similar feeling, but the word hate changes the feeling. I may take out the hate.

I need make decisions on rhythm. My choice in chorus needs to come first. I made the songs for literary purpose, but turning them into true song would be ideal. For literary purpose, creating a better visual is more ideal.

I already posted my University of Florida and my Florida State University song, so I may as well put the text of the University of Miami song. I alluded to the Dixie Dregs and included the title of Jimmy Buffet’s, Surfing in a Hurricane. I prefer to add more illusions, but nothing else came to mind. The part about the ibis comes about because the ibis is the first bird to came back alter the storm. It needs work, but here it is:

Look in our eye
You see peace
Do you know why?

We are in control
Hear that sound
That’s not a drum roll
Look around
A storm’s a’comin
That’s chaos a’comin

Don’t expect to come surfin here
When the calm falls away
You will know the meaning of fear
You will know the nature of Biscayne Bay
You will know how we reign
We reign rain

Here you fall to the Dregs
You be Surfing  in a Hurricane
Temper the Tempest, ye begs
Know ye begs in vain

Only Ibis can calm the storm
Only white wings bring the light
Till then you only get the dark of our storm
And all the might.


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