Diana of Ephesus as Allegory of Nature8

Check out her chest, those are symbols of mammals. Yes, this is the future of women after our male, mad scientists finish their work on DNA. Males have a diabolical plot to keep women out of the sciences for just this purpose

This is, in reality, a cropped and modified version of Diana of Ephesus as Allegory of Nature by Joseph Werner. Diana or Artemis is the goddess of hunting, the wilderness, and wild animals. But I see more than breasts, on her chest.

I changed her to yellow to match the common image of corn, but I could have used pomegranate red to represent the seeds. Mythology links menstruation cycles with the moon and nature. I compared  “Old Woman Who Never Dies” of Native American mythology to the Triple goddess, described by Robert Graves, because she never dies either – she just cycles in and out of the underworld. Goddesses, worshiped by farmers, presided over sowing, nursing, and reaping.

The image came from Wikimedia:


Current location: Art Institute of Chicago

Source/Photographer: http://www.artic.edu/aic/collections/artwork/129769