Why did I put a goat face on Attis –because he is the hapless hero who got reaped. The mountain goddess oysters and sausage, back in the bad old days. They took it all off, so Attis has to sing soprano in the Castrati chorus for the rest of his mythical life.

Goddesses  presided over the sowing, nursing, and the reaping of crops. The Harvest festival is often the biggest shindig and you can see on the Cabeiri dance on the Parabiago plate above. The Cabeiri used their shields as percussion instruments and were known for their drunken orgies. Pity the poor boy who had to play the portray, Attis, at the harvest festival, I’m sure he was the butt of many jokes.

Attis, the god, had a sprig; which grew back, but humans males are not so lucky. The myth says the sight of the great goddess drove Attis insane and he performed his own castration. He was also supposed to wed and bed the king;s daughter, at the time of the castration. Maybe it wasn’t the sight of the goddess; which, drove him to do such a thing – but the sight of the Princess.


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