Romeo + Juliet takes place in the fictional, Verona Beach; Imdb puts this Mafia kingdom in Florida. In the revolution, Fidel Castro’s forced the mob out of Cuba; which, weakened the crime families in Miami, so a real life Verona Beach did not appear here. The Mafia moved more money into the Las Vegas and Los Angeles operations. Eventually the Italian and Sicilian Mafia lost out to other Mafias.

Al Capone never ran Florida; he just wintered here. Northeastern mobsters came to Florida because it was an easier commute than Vegas or Hollywood. I will do a post on who ran Florida operations, another day. For this post, I’m more interested in the Shakespearean Mafia of Romeo + Juliet.

West Side Story also borrowed from, The Bard; Romeo + Juliet just takes the story into a new age. In my present chapter, in rewrite,  I put sports fans opposing factions and I hope to allude to the Mafia in some way. I can’t say how I will do it; because I don’t know, yet.

I may use to allude to the mob, The Crew; since, it features retired mobsters in Miami. I prefer slight nods, but may resort to direct references. Romeo + Juliet is an interesting option.


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