Bugsy Siegel (left) looks made for the mob. Charlie Wall stood out because he was neither Catholic or Jewish. My recent posts came about the mafia because I’m thinking about mobsters who stand out in a crowd. I have a crowd scene in this chapter, in rewrite. I have some use for a few mob bosses. I would love to steal Bugsy, from Vegas, because his name stands out. My choices don’t stand out, as much.

The Trafficante family, almost hit the big time, if not for Fidel Castro’s revolution. I doubt many people recognize the name. If the Trafficante family had kept hold of Cuba; people would know the name. Luckily, for my purpose, a casual description of a gangster will stand out in the crowd I’m designing.

I’m sure most don’t  realize the mob presence in Tampa surpassed Miami, in the first half of last century. It is an interesting subject, but my book deals with earlier times; I just throw in some trivia from later eras.


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