The Everglades and the Florida Keys gave cover to many drug drops. Television and movies have shown this many times. My recent posts on the mafia and the theme in my novel’s next scene, in rewrite, brings me to Cocaine Cowboys – a documentary on the Miami drug trade.

The Spanish brought the first cows to the US mainland, via Florida, and Spanish links also brought the drug trade. It seems apt to put, “cowboy,” into the title. Miami’s mafia switched from Sicilian to Hispanic; I’m not going to be politically correct with the obvious. Fidel Castro mixed his undesirables with the more ordinary folk of the Mariel boatlift; which, gave Miami a big bump in crime.

I may use Gram Parsons to depict a Cocaine Cowboy. Morphine and cocaine were listed as the cause of Parsons death, but he did everything. Parsons country roots makes him a close enough fit to a cowboy, for my purpose.