Sometimes writing flows, but this chapter made me see the value of an outline. A simple, single scene chapter needs little help from diagrams, maps, and outlines. My present chapter, in rewrite, created more problems than most. I now know why people use  outlines. I never made an official outline, but the complexity of this chapter forced me to make something similar to an outline.

I’ve known the exit from this scene ended with the, “running of the bulls,” but I still had trouble getting there. I completed everything, but the songs I use, earlier today The image above, sums up the scene and my recent posts.

The colored spots represent the crowd. I see the scene as a carnival with bands associated with the top three schools playing on three stages. I have made some recent improvements to my original three songs that I dedicated to the teams. I skipped making a song for the University of South Florida Bulls, but I still have something dedicated to the Bulls.

The guns symbolize gang rivalry, including sports rivalries.. Sports can move from away fun and into insanity, as we saw in the Penn State scandal. Florida schools have their fair share, but the Penn State took worship of a coach and the organization, way to far. The mafia always had stakes in the sports gambling, so I believe I can justify my comparison of mafia and the sports world.

The music world works differently and you see much less regional loyalties. Narcissism plays a role in the music world and is a theme in this chapter. Ego needs  to stay in balance; which is also a theme.

I still need to piece together the scraps of my other scenes, I am making slow progress. I don’t know if other writers have to go through a million thought for each word put on paper, but it seems to be how I do things. I gambled with writing the songs, but I know I can use simpler chants, if necessary.


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