Dougga Theater's_scene_from_above

Aerial views play a big role in movies but they also have a role in writing. I needed to imagine this chapter’s landscape before I put words to page. I suspect a reader will need to imagine the full landscape from an aerial view, for the same reason I needed this type view to write.

This picture of the Dougga Theatre, in northern Tunisia, resonates with me. I have a theater scene in this chapter. I’ve seen similar, but this is well-preserved for the age. The Romans built this one, which, isn’t my preferred culture but it still helps the imagination.

Wukimedia Description:
Français : Théâtre, Dougga
Flag of Tunisia.svg    This is a photo of the protected monument identified by the ID 31-34 in Tunisia.    Logo patrimoine national de Tunisie.svg
Date    16 March 2014, 12:06:19
Source    Own work
Author    WissemSmida

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