Stairway to the Stars horz

I needed to get high to write a scene; no, not with drugs, but I often do have to use a lucid dreaming stage. When I say high, I mean high enough for an aerial view. Right now, I use something drawn from these two images.

The image on the left, comes from an old Busch Gardens photo (found on It shows the ‘Stairway to the Stars;’ which, they billed as the longest escalator in the world, at one time. An Observation deck sat atop the building and I believe the served drinks there at one time. The courtesy house served samples from the beer factory, for sure, I’m not sure about drinking on the observation deck. Almost certainly, students from the University of South Florida did some tripping to Busch Gardens to do some sampling and get high. USF never registered as a party school, but they certainly had instances.

You can observe from atop a large statue and statues are often worth observing. Giving readers a statue to imagine, seemed a good choice. I use a Lady Justice theme, but the Statue of Liberty‘s size works well as an example of an observation station.

I see some humor in the escalator, which, may have been their most thrilling ride for the first few years. Busch Gardens began with just beer, gardens, and a few animals (mainly parrots, which is why they called the view from the observation deck a “parrot’s eye view””).


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