Many celebrities vamp, the group Vanity 6 vamped their way to short time stardom.The one known, as Vanity, looked into the mirror and moved to the other side. Denise Katrina Matthews, Vanity, went from vamp to evangelist.

Satan is a symbol of vanity, his big sin – pride. Astaroth (left), grew out of the Astarte myth, and symbolizes lust. I think the attractive goddess does a better job of symbolizing lust than the nerdy demon show above.

I’m pondering which deities from mythology, I will use and other trivia. Astarte is already important to my book. This chapter uses the goddess, Nemesis, who is the nemesis to pride (such as Satan). The way “lust feeds the vain,” intrigues me and fits my succubus from my previous chapter. Got some thinking to do if I can override my lust.

Wikipedia credits:

English: Astaroth, prince of Hell, from J.A.S. Collin de Plancy, Dictionnaire Infernal. Original illustration by Louis Breton, engraved by M. Jarrault. Date:  1863

Source: J.A.S. Collin de Plancy, Dictionnaire Infernal, online at Author: M. Jarrault

Description: English: Lucifer, the fallen angel    Date: 5 April 2008

Source: Paradise Lost or James Donahue Author: Gustave Doré


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