Are Babylonian Lilith and the West African deity, Mami Wata, related? Mythology offers few exact answers. West Africans relied in oral tradition, so  the myth is harder trace. The Hindu religion also has similar deities ( Manasa and her Nāgas) and Buddhist share these deities. Similar deities also entered into the Americas. This type deity may match, The Flood,” in number of world myths.

Like the snake churning the “ocean of milk,” in Hindu cosmology, my mind churns. I suspect, this chapter in rewrite, will allude to this snake mythology. The movie Sirens, may not fit my regional theme, but I have some scenes replaying in my mind which fit my own scene.

Artist: John Collier    Title: Lilith    Date: 1892

Current location: The Atkinson Art Gallery, Southport, England

Wikimedia Credit line: user:A.I.

Chromolithograph of a Samoan snake charmer. Printed in the 1880s, the poster gave rise to the common image of Mami Wata, a water goddess of the African diaspora. Public Domain due to age.


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