Jo and Sada Sakai came to Florida, in 1903. The couple bought land and went back to Japan to get workers. The workers, like the Sakai’s, came from the Miyazu region. On the right, you see the Amanohashidate; which, translates to, “the bridge to heaven,” and you also find it in the Miyazu. They consider the naturally formed land bridge, as one of Japan‘s three most beautiful sights.

The Sakai’s settled their indentured servants, in the Yamato Colony. Yes, indentured servants, the practice did not stop until 1917. Yamato is an ancient name for Japan. Some settlers remained in Florida, others went back to Japan. The US military held the land for a while, but Carrot Top College (Florida Atlantic University, where the prop comic went to school) sits on the land, at present time.

Coincidence or Kismet has made me consider using this piece of Florida history, in this present chapter, I have in rewrite. My last post had music bridges, as a topic, for a few coincidental regions – then I kept bumping into more things. I alluded to Madame Butterfly, in my previous chapter, and Madame Butterfly links to the Amanohashidate through Japanese mythology. The deity Izanagi no Mikoto built the bridge heaven and earth to visit his lover Izanami no Mikoto – Suzuki prays to these two deities, in song.

Boca Raton’s Japanese history is seen in the name, Yamato Road, and at the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens.

1st photo: State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, http://floridamemory.com/items/show/12147

2nd photo credits from Wikimedia

English: Amanohashidate is one of the Japan’s Three Scenic Views in Miyazu, Kyoto prefecture, Japan. This photograph is a view from the Amanohashidate View Land on Mt. Monju.
日本語: 天橋立日本三景の一。 所在地は京都府宮津市。この写真は文珠山の天橋立ビューランドから撮影したもの。
Deutsch: Amanohashidate ist eine Ansicht aus den Drei schönsten Landschaften Japans, und zwar die von Miyazu in der Präfektur Kyōto, Japan. Diese Fotografie zeigt die “Ama-no-hashidate/Himmelsbrücke” in der Bucht von Miyazu beim Berg Monju.
Date 8 January 2011
Source 663highland
Author 663highland
(Reusing this file)
GFDL+creative commons2.5
Camera location 35° 33′ 07″ N, 135° 11′ 00″ E View this and other nearby images on: OpenStreetMapGoogle MapsGoogle Earth

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