The Seven Bridges of Königsberg is a math magic, by Leonhard Euler. Seven Bridges Road is music magic performed, by The Eagles (written by Steve Young). Seven Turns is Navajo belief turned into song, by Dickey Betts (member of the Allman Brothers).

I have an idea, for my novel, which involves seven bridges and seven masks. I’m struggling with the 3D aspects of visualizing this scene. The Seven Bridges of Königsberg, gives me some visual help. The top image shows how Euler’s problem can be turned into a simple image. Simplifying the visual may help  me make this scene work.

One thing which intrigued me about the, Seven Bridges of Königsberg, is how the center image up top looks like a game. I believe you may be able to teach kids everything through game theory. Games often have storytelling aspects and using a historical fiction concept – the subjects of literature and history can be addressed. Euler was interested in the links between math and music – both of these subjects fit in game theory. I see my writing as somewhat of a game, so I think about thee things.

I modified images from Wikipedia’s page about the, Seven Bridges of Königsberg, to make the top image. The lower left image comes from the sheet  music to Seven Bridges Road, sold on Amazon. The Dickey Betts image comes from his page on Wikipedia.


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