Caligula's erection

Some things are too funny to pass up. The centerpiece to St. Peter’s Square is Caligula’s original erection idea for what was called the Vatican Circus. Augustus actually did the erecting, but the Emperor known for orgies brought the Pagan obelisk to Rome to use as spine for his Vatican Circus. Wikipedia has a hilarious quote; which you know is true:

Pedro Tafur quote from his Andanças[2][3] (circa 1440) mentions how “many passed between the ground and the “tower” basis “thinking it a saintly thing”.

End of humor

You can’t prove or disprove god, but humans created religion. Religions often take ownership of god. Muslims terrorists are doing the same as the Catholics did for centuries and. Supreme Court Justice. Sonia Sotomayor says her Catholicism makes her better than the Protestant founders of the US, even though Catholics fed natives to their dogs, raped, pillaged, and took slaves for centuries.  If you are religious, you need to remain humble because history is filled with religious dung.

I’m almost certain to have a tower, in this chapter in rewrite; I may have seven. An allusion to Caligula’s tower seems likely.

Caligula (1979) is the DVD shown


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