Tangrams are Chinese puzzles made from seven pieces. The two figures above look similar, but differ greatly (Henry Dudeney designed this, Two monks paradox. The number, “7,” fascinated many cultures and I am considering using seven towers, in thus chapter I have in rewrite. I ran across this ancient chant in Google Books:

The song of the seven spirits ^

They are seven ! they are seven !

In the depths of ocean they are seven !

In the heights of heaven they are seven !

In the ocean stream in a Palace they were born.

Male they are not : female they are not !

Wives they have not ! Children are not born to them I

Rule they have not! Government they know not!

Prayers they hear not!

They are seven, and they are seven ! Twice over they are seven !

Records of the Past Being English Translations of the Assyrian and Egyptian Monuments; Publ. Under the Sanction of the Society of Biblical Archaeology (Google eBook)


Image from Wikimedia – Description: Two monks tangram paradox

Date: 30 March 2012 Source: Author: AlphaZeta


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