When the Pope visited the Philippines, reports came that the government hid the downtrodden out of sight. The Catholic Church has a very vertical management structure; which, causes high  bureaucracy and diminished viewpoint. In the San Francisco Call (Volume 85, Number 46, 15 January 1899), you will find this statement made by

Ramon Lala, a Roman Catholic Filipino:

Protestantism will not flourish in the Philippines. The pomp and ceremonial of the Catholic church appeals most strongly to the native.

Even Catholic theologians link Lucifer with pride and pomp comes with pride. The pedophile problems in the Church came from diminished view due to bureaucracy and the cover up dine for sake of — Pride. The present Pope has paid more lip service to the pedophile problem, but the structure of the Church cause the problem. Penn State University also had pedophile problem due to the Ivory Tower syndrome. The problem is organizational structure.

I haven’t decided whether I will have more than one tower in this chapter, but one dedicated to the Pope will probably show up. The Tower of Babel, may show up, because it is another tale of pride. The towers of economic systems also interest me.


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