I’m talking about me and a fictional character, so nobody get upset. The context means more than the words. Retard just means delayed development and dumb means speechless. I’m not sure why Brendon Small and Tommy Blacha gave their fictional vocalist a background similar to mine, but the similarity will cause me to allude Nathan Explosion and Dethlok, in this chapter I have in rewrite.

I made my first word about a year earlier than Nathan Explosion; they made Nathan mute until age five. I remember having to practice saying words at that age. My idea to use some Death Metal musicians as demons led me to this thinking on Dethlok. Tampa-St. Pete is a hotbed for Death Metal, so I decided to look for some musicians to guard my fictional bridges and towers.

My novel reflects the importance of muteness — in my own life story – so I’m drawn to such a character.  My delayed development seems to have made me more straight forward than most people my knowledge about the meaning of words, such as dumb retard) leaves me undisturbed. I believed the social havoc caused by militant feminists and groupism has caused further social harm – my book reflects this also.

We are both White / Native Americans, too, but my ancestry is a bit more complex. Nathan Explosion’s bio says he was born in New Port Richey, Florida; I’m from the same general region.

Image is the Metalocalypse: Dethalbum album


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