Amanda Bearse Marcy D'Arcy-horz

Marcy D’Arcy, in Married… with Children, lusts a lot; Amanda Bearse played Marcy and she spent some time as a Vampire in Fright Night. Vampires are lust demons. I suspect Bearse got her roles due to her, girl or lady next door, looks. The saintly Al Bundy strictly obeyed one particular commandment — Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife. I’m sure they thought about using an opposite-twist when they made the characters. Bearse is a lesbian and her character’s lust for men, may have been an inside joke; other sitcoms have used a homosexual playing the part of a lecherous heterosexual.

I need a lust demon, in this chapter in rewrite, and alluding to Bearse works in regards to my regional theme; since, she comes from Florida and I the comic trivia helps with a transition in tone, I needed to make. I’ve chosen characters to represent the Seven Deadly Sins and I expect to change the tone as I go through the other six.


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