Swamp Sloth

The swamp itself is true sloth of Florida. You may not notice a current because the water bides its time – just like a sloth. The Swamp Thing and the Man thing are swamp comic book entities that symbolize the swamp, quite well, to me. We did have giant sloths here, at one time, but the no more. We still have human sloths. The bass player for Creed and Alter Bridge, Brian Marshall, got his nickname, “The Sloth,” for his playing style. It is no surprise that Florida gave birth to Marshall, Florida’s heat does slow people down a bit.

I’m trying to decide how I will do my sloth demon and what I show above are my candidates for allusion. Limp Bizkit is another candidate because of the name, itself. The swamp is without a doubt – my swamp demon of choice.

The images came from the Wikipedia links. I used the South American Megatherium; rather than, the Florida variety because I liked the picture better.