Ruth St Denis and Denishawn Dancers  Ishtar of the Seven-vert

I’m not sure I can eroticize a guy, but this scene I am writing may force me into the deed. Male sexuality is something I rather make fun of, but the reason I added tis scene was to transition from humor to more serious subject.

Anyone acquainted with the Inanna or the Ishtar myth cab guess what I’m switching from the topic of my posts from seven demons to seven veils. Writers familiar with Joseph Campbell will also see the obvious. I may pull a little surprise, though, because I have another seven to roll.

Magic Mike gives me the regional links, I look for; Channing Tatum and the movie have Tampa connections.

Top image description:

Digital ID: DEN_1512V. Ruth St. Denis and Denishawn Dancers in Ishtar of the Seven Gates. With Doris Humphrey, Louise Brooks, Jeordie Graham, Pauline Lawrence, Anne Douglas, Lenore Scheffer, Lenore Hardy, Lenore Sadowska.. White Studio (New York, N.Y.) – Photographer  Notes: National Endowment for the Arts Millennium Project.

Repository: The New York Public Library. The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. Jerome Robbins Dance Division. Source: Denishawn Collection

See more information about this image and others at NYPL Digital Gallery. Persistent URL:

Source: Ruth St. Denis and Denishawn Dancers in Ishtar of the Seven …

Uploaded by LongLiveRock Author: New York Public Library

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