Michael Dunn’s last film — release. I recast my dwarf demon allusion and Dunn won the role. This movie sort of cinched it. Dwarfs attract attention  and attracting attention to me – always aggravated my fear of talking. As a kid, I used to think about cutting my vocal cords to have a scar to show I couldn’t talk. The endurance of Dunn’s big personality is what I envy. I can unleash big time, but my introverted nature tires easily.

I doubt they would have released this film, if not for 9/11. They may have timed the release to the Get Smart remake, with Steve Carell, where they played brief ode to former villains of the series. Dunn played the Chaos chief – Mr. Big. They released both movies, in 2008. Dunn died in 1973 and production for Man in the Mirror started three years earlier. I’m not sure why they failed to complete the film, but I suspect Dunn’s health and schedules played a part. The used modern restoration techniques and some added clips to complete the film, decades later.

I allude to Dunn, in this chapter of my novel, with Star Trek allusions. He went to The University of Miami, so he fits my regional theme. I’m sure people will not realize why I chose a dwarf, to represent envy of the Seven Deadly Sins. This post and an earlier post may give some understanding.

Another person with Florida connection is also in this film — Gloria Hendry. I believe, I still need to play ode to her. I put this in my To Do category to help me remember to check.


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