Everybody get your guns. Secret Service put me on your list, I’m going after Sonia Sotomayor again. My Google News headlines today with all those brave Black people marching in Selma. What did any Black person do in comparison to a White Hick.

Elias Hicks boycotted cotton; he even refused to have anyone cover him with a cotton blanket on his deathbed. Martin Luther King worked for people of his own color, Hicks crossed the color line. Who did the more remarkable thing? Who gets remembered.

Racism came partially due to fear. The killing of all the whites in Haiti made many worry about a repeat. Peace is a rare thing. The past was a dangerous place. Most people just made survival choices. The Quakers were against war, but their abolitionist movement actually caused a horrendous war.

My Catholic Spanish ancestor was married to Black woman and they had many slaves. Many Hispanic and Latinos have similar histories, but Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor considers herself supreme to White males of the past and present. Many Hispanics males look plenty White, so they should be just as angry at her racist sexism. Her comments were an insult to Whites and an insult to Hicks.

I’m sick of all the racist and sexist stuff spit at me. Racism does not belong to a skin cover. the other thing that got me started was a post about the lack of female representation in history. Women have just as many male ancestors than men, so this feminist complaint seems outright stupid. A feminist is by chance a  woman, but by choice a feminist. I don’t blame women for feminist sexist who blame the collective of men for the past. I agree with many feminist issues, but I find may Feminists – irrational.

Crossing the color or sex lines seems more praiseworthy to me. Whites males fought each other in the Civil War – they did not collectively kill all the Blacks; which would have been much easier, considering who had the guns. The bra was invented by a man to help women, not imprison her. I got harassed going into a Walmart, adjacent to a Black neighborhood because much o the news drive hate at White men. The funny thing is some of us are very genetically mixed and of course males have the female “x” chromosome.” An before people get too self righteous about regional North-South differences – they best thing read on some history.


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