Freak shows marketed “fat ladies” to the public and the they paid by the pound. Advertisers help create the obesity and offer gimmicks as cures. Some obese people have thyroid imbalances or other genetic disorders; so diet and exercise have little effect on size. I’m not being mean when I post about fat ladies; they just fit my freak theme. My search for a gluttony demon does conjure up images of fat people, but ‘m more into symbolism than reality.

The advertising industry itself maybe my idea of a gluttony demon. I’m still pondering. what I will use in this chapter, I have in rewrite. Image from Floridamemory.com

Ringling Circus fat lady, Alice from Dallas, reading a magazine on the circus train in Sarasota, Florida. Image Number: JJS2100

State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory

Photographer: Joseph Janney Steinmetz (1905-1985),


Steinmetz collection N2011- 7, Photographic collection, 1930s-1970s; Box 14