Writer’s block does not describe my condition very well. I get “broken record brain” and a thought just repeats itself. I normally end up  shutting down a while because it is better than the insanity of repetition.

Groove is a good word because a stylus operating in the groove sounds much different than one scratch in a scratch. Thomas Edison used a diamond for a stylus, for some of his phonographs. I’m sure Edison’s diamond was tough enough to fight over a scratch. My mind lacks a diamond; I have to employ other tactics.

I write about the writing process when I’m not in a groove; I consider it part of my repair process. The image on the right is for a jukebox stylus and my search for an interesting image led me to the topic of jukeboxes; which, may result in something appearing in my novel. Trying not to write the novel sometimes helps more than pure concentration – it is the cure for a rut.

The Picture of Edison and his phonograph appears in the Project Gutenberg edition of “The Romance of Industry and Invention” (Editor: Robert Cochrane)/

The image on the right is from Wikimedia with the following credits:

Description: Package for phonograph needle or stylus, 1940s.

“Red Devil” brand for “coin phonograph” (juke box) with shellac gramophone records.

No assertion of any copyright on packaging. Author: “Red Devil”

Scanned by Infrogmation (talk) from original package in own collection.



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