Enticing or Castrating the Bull


I hate “he said – she said,” arguments. I hate judging James Winston without seeing the trial. Winston has had celebrity status for about three years and I’m sure gold diggers see him as a target. Apparently two women have accused him of rape; one is vocal about it. I’m not fond of the message, some feminists voice, because there is a reason bulls get castrated into oxen. Testosterone ups sex drive and aggression. Women need to recognize when to stop poking, enticing and when stay out of a situation If you don’t control yourself; why do you expect a guy to.

Unless women plan to forcibly castrate men; they need to think twice about how much they entice the beast. Women really need to know the difference between bulls and oxen. The bull is probably content grazing peacefully, but don’t go Ms. Matador on him.

I don’t think Ray Rice’s wife did enough to warrant getting knocked out, but she should have saw enough signs to know not to get in his face. If he has multiple incidents; he should not get another dollar from the sports world. The Buccaneers should stay clear of Winston, if there are truly two accusations. Personally, I believe the NFL should put such players on trial. and hear testimony from the accusers and never let them play if the evidence is too damning.

Camille Paglia is a lesbian and truly seems to see things from a guy’s point of view. Some of the these people who call themselves transgender or gay seem to think according to their more natural sexuality. If you are a lesbian you should see women as sex objects, just as sexually function, heterosexual guys do the same thing. The reason I put her book here is because she believes women need to police themselves rather than having colleges invading personal lives and policing the students. Unfortunately, I think it takes more than one incident or some very damning evidence to convict someone on date rape type charges.

If you don’t know the difference between an ox and a bull; you need to put some thought into it. Many women can handle a bull, but I’m sure all those women know how a penis and testicles work. I doubt Paglia has ever played with either, but she obviously has spiritual cojones. If you think you are a male in a female body and don’t see a lesbian brother in Paglia; then you really need to rethink yourself. Paglia knows who she is and she is a lesbian and she sees women as sex objects and understands why men do, too.

Feminists, for some reason, became a theme in my book – blame it own muse. I agree on some Feminist issues, but many messages from the Feminist world contradict each other.<!–

Feminists speaking up for LGBT and don’t see why lesbians and heterosexual men see women as sex objects need to rethink.  Those with a problem with Winston getting drafted number one by the Bucs can research the companies the Glazer family does business with and boycott if you want to castrate this bull. Personally I need more evidence but still think he needs to get out of Florida.

The Winston pic comes from Wikipedia with the following credits:

English: Volunteer guardian ad litem and community supporter Omega Wynn with Florida State Seminoles quarterback Jameis Winston (5) at the outdoor practice fields of the Albert J. Dunlap Athletic Training Facility in Tallahassee, Florida on October 8, 2013.

Date:8 October 2013

Source http://www.flickr.com/photos/flguardian2/10502126296/

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Ice Ice Xy

Iceman 40 Marvel Masterpieces Series 1 Trading Card 1992-horz-vert

I often see multiplicity. The bifrost bridges, in Norse mythology, and the ice bridges, Iceman rides on, came to mind with I thought up adding bridges to the scene. I can imagine the bridges, but I’m  lousy at 3d imaging. My failure to imagine the scene properly may have helped cause my mental fund. My scene had a logic error because imagined the bridges improperly.

Max Brückner’s painting of Vahalla (1896) interests me, unfortunately, I need seven bridges

Vanilla Ice will get an allusion, due to this icy area in my novel and the fact he grew up in Florida. Coincidently, I ran into him while making my last Post; he appears in the Adam Sandler movie that drew the ire of Native Americans. I’m certain many will find my plans for Vanilla Ice, as funnier than anything in Adam Sandler’s head.

As for multiplicity, you can see it in my title, based on the Ice Ice Baby song. Xy is the male chromosome, Iceman comes from Marvel’s X-Men, and some of course will see sexy in the Xy. Some may even imagine an x-rated version.

I used a trading card, I found on amazon, to depict Iceman’s bridge.

(Iceman 40 Marvel Masterpieces Series 1 Trading Card 1992)

Top right image from Wikimedia: Description: Vanilla Ice. Robert Matthew Van Winkle

Date17 February 2007, 00:11

Author: Dave Kleinschmidt from Williamstown, MA

Brückner’s painting also come from Wikimedia.

Everybody does it but some seem to want to deny it


Adam Sandler made some news when Native Americans walked off the movie set for some offensive humor. You hear a lot about  anti-Semitism, but Jews in the entertainment industry take pokes at the Protestant founders of America, on a regular basis. The US is called a melting pot because the Protestant founders gave religious freedom. This freedom gave shelter to Armenian Jews, such as the Kardashians. The Armenian genocide was also in the news this past week. Israel wants a Jewish state; what if the Protestants, would have done the same.

Catholics persecuted everyone, not marching in step with the Vatican. Muslims seem less into the melting pot concept than Jews. Protestant isn’t even a religion, by some definitions, Atheists, Deists, Agnostics, Pagans, and others can fall under the Protestant name because they all formed the rebellion against Papal rule. Also in the news his week was an Islamist terrorist threat at the Vatican. Muslims are just doing what Catholics did for centuries, I don’t see any Papal apologies for all their crimes. The Pope just brought up the issue of Muslims killing Armenian Catholics.

Everybody is doing all the same stuff, the Jewish entertainment machine just works like the Pope to only spew the crime of the others. I don’t follow any religious belief, because I’m not smart enough to prove or disprove god. I do take some offence when Jews poke at my Protestant ancestors that founded this nation, because it seems backstabby.

My grandfather hated his Native American grandmother and left little love for his native roots. All ethnicities are somewhat the same, the stereotyping of White Southerners as racist bugs me more than Sandler’s juvenile ethnic humor against my Native American ancestry. I may seem to fall under the Catholic Jewish hater stereotype, but but in reality I’m just pointing out everyone doing the same thing. My Native American great- great grandmother most likely married a White man because the Creek tribes that became the Seminoles came and helped wipe out the tribes associated with the Spanish. Because everyone does pretty much the same thing.

Also in the news the past week was Blacks from a college complaining about White Christians. Do they really think Muslims are any better? I guess, the African immigrants fleeing from Muslim territories, may be of media invention, but I think it is safe to say Africa was never heaven. Many slaves in Africa were slaves to their fellow Africans before being sold to Whites, because Africans believed in slavery and some still do. Compare the African slave-owner, Anna Madgigine Jai Kingsley to Elias Hicks and you may feel bad about the hatred you spew about white Hicks. My own ancestor treated the children of my ancestor’s former wife (who was Black), like her own children. Yeah, when someone spit racist hated and stereotypies at me, I start leaning another way. But I have a mixed heritage, all of it is the same blood, my blood.

The war and bickering between religions is a main theme of my novel. I happen to use some of the same humor which many Feminists call sexist that Sandler uses, but it is for more complex reasons to have people make assumption about the character. My main character needs to appear sex crazed, for a reason and the puns set up his character.

Different Feminist factions have different attitudes toward the Kardashians.and I poke fun at the mixed messages. I do believe the stereotype that most Kardashian followers are women. reality TV makes me groan. Marketing costs get passed on to the consumer, so we are all slaves to the Kardashian machine. If you are going to hate, at least select, a proper reason.  I don’t hate them for being Armenian Jews, but Protestant founders gave religious freedom to those who contributed society. Entertainment has value, but I’m still not sure the machine to make the Kardashians even richer is what the founders had in mind. The founders appreciated people who make society grow, the Kardashans just make prices grow.


Iron Man Battles Pride


Narcissism is an Iron Man disease. The iron shell protects his major flaw – his heart. The old “iron curtain,” also stayed up due to stubborn pride. Greed is capitalism’s flaw and the driving force. Socialism lacks a driving force. Narcissism is a theme in this chapter I have in rewrite. I’m considering Iron as a symbol for pride, because iron is rigid. Capitalism is a flexible as gold.

I’m still in a funk, so thinking about comic book symbolism provides me some easy amusement.

Big Fat TV Money


Neil Gaiman turns Lucille Ball into a TV goddess, in American Gods. I turn Oprah, through Maya Rudolph, into a gluttony goddess, in my novel for much the same reason. Oprah’s weight issues , did not predominantly make my choice; the ungodly amount of money she has made by hawking many products irresponsibly – caused my choice. How many diet products and unhealthy products has she profited from, in order to become one of the richest people in the world. Is Oprah a consummate evil? But does anyone better represent consumerist evil?

Maya Rudolph’s Oprah impersonation, SNL’s, commercial parodies, and her link to Florida made Rudolph figure into my thematic equation. Desi Arrnaz also links to Florida, so I may feature him somewhere, if I think of a place. Florida is my regional theme.

To the next piece


Writing is all a puzzle to me. I solved one section and now I’m supposed to look for the next piece. For some reason, I have no desire to pick up another puzzle piece. My novel is source of my posts , so when my desire to work on my novel wanes; my posts slow down. I’m close to finishing the rewrite of this chapter and I just don’t have the urgency to finish. The search for, “what’s next,” may be weighing on my mind. Personal stuff also enters the equation. My mind just wants to go somewhere else for a while.

Florida Women of SNL


I needed something to represent the advertising industry and the commercial parody’s of Saturday Night Live came to mind.Florida is one of my primary themes and I already had an idea; which, needed a woman. I had a choice between Jan Hooks, Victoria Jackson, and Maya Rudolph. Big money in commercial TV is best represented by Oprah, so my choice was the Oprah impersonator —  Maya Rudolph.

I may find a spot for the other two and  the Jan Hooks character, Dixie Glick, might get alluded to. Victoria Jackson’s gymnast act was one of her more memorable routines and I might have use for that.