Neil Gaiman turns Lucille Ball into a TV goddess, in American Gods. I turn Oprah, through Maya Rudolph, into a gluttony goddess, in my novel for much the same reason. Oprah’s weight issues , did not predominantly make my choice; the ungodly amount of money she has made by hawking many products irresponsibly – caused my choice. How many diet products and unhealthy products has she profited from, in order to become one of the richest people in the world. Is Oprah a consummate evil? But does anyone better represent consumerist evil?

Maya Rudolph’s Oprah impersonation, SNL’s, commercial parodies, and her link to Florida made Rudolph figure into my thematic equation. Desi Arrnaz also links to Florida, so I may feature him somewhere, if I think of a place. Florida is my regional theme.


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