Adam Sandler made some news when Native Americans walked off the movie set for some offensive humor. You hear a lot about  anti-Semitism, but Jews in the entertainment industry take pokes at the Protestant founders of America, on a regular basis. The US is called a melting pot because the Protestant founders gave religious freedom. This freedom gave shelter to Armenian Jews, such as the Kardashians. The Armenian genocide was also in the news this past week. Israel wants a Jewish state; what if the Protestants, would have done the same.

Catholics persecuted everyone, not marching in step with the Vatican. Muslims seem less into the melting pot concept than Jews. Protestant isn’t even a religion, by some definitions, Atheists, Deists, Agnostics, Pagans, and others can fall under the Protestant name because they all formed the rebellion against Papal rule. Also in the news his week was an Islamist terrorist threat at the Vatican. Muslims are just doing what Catholics did for centuries, I don’t see any Papal apologies for all their crimes. The Pope just brought up the issue of Muslims killing Armenian Catholics.

Everybody is doing all the same stuff, the Jewish entertainment machine just works like the Pope to only spew the crime of the others. I don’t follow any religious belief, because I’m not smart enough to prove or disprove god. I do take some offence when Jews poke at my Protestant ancestors that founded this nation, because it seems backstabby.

My grandfather hated his Native American grandmother and left little love for his native roots. All ethnicities are somewhat the same, the stereotyping of White Southerners as racist bugs me more than Sandler’s juvenile ethnic humor against my Native American ancestry. I may seem to fall under the Catholic Jewish hater stereotype, but but in reality I’m just pointing out everyone doing the same thing. My Native American great- great grandmother most likely married a White man because the Creek tribes that became the Seminoles came and helped wipe out the tribes associated with the Spanish. Because everyone does pretty much the same thing.

Also in the news the past week was Blacks from a college complaining about White Christians. Do they really think Muslims are any better? I guess, the African immigrants fleeing from Muslim territories, may be of media invention, but I think it is safe to say Africa was never heaven. Many slaves in Africa were slaves to their fellow Africans before being sold to Whites, because Africans believed in slavery and some still do. Compare the African slave-owner, Anna Madgigine Jai Kingsley to Elias Hicks and you may feel bad about the hatred you spew about white Hicks. My own ancestor treated the children of my ancestor’s former wife (who was Black), like her own children. Yeah, when someone spit racist hated and stereotypies at me, I start leaning another way. But I have a mixed heritage, all of it is the same blood, my blood.

The war and bickering between religions is a main theme of my novel. I happen to use some of the same humor which many Feminists call sexist that Sandler uses, but it is for more complex reasons to have people make assumption about the character. My main character needs to appear sex crazed, for a reason and the puns set up his character.

Different Feminist factions have different attitudes toward the Kardashians.and I poke fun at the mixed messages. I do believe the stereotype that most Kardashian followers are women. reality TV makes me groan. Marketing costs get passed on to the consumer, so we are all slaves to the Kardashian machine. If you are going to hate, at least select, a proper reason.  I don’t hate them for being Armenian Jews, but Protestant founders gave religious freedom to those who contributed society. Entertainment has value, but I’m still not sure the machine to make the Kardashians even richer is what the founders had in mind. The founders appreciated people who make society grow, the Kardashans just make prices grow.



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