Iceman 40 Marvel Masterpieces Series 1 Trading Card 1992-horz-vert

I often see multiplicity. The bifrost bridges, in Norse mythology, and the ice bridges, Iceman rides on, came to mind with I thought up adding bridges to the scene. I can imagine the bridges, but I’m  lousy at 3d imaging. My failure to imagine the scene properly may have helped cause my mental fund. My scene had a logic error because imagined the bridges improperly.

Max Brückner’s painting of Vahalla (1896) interests me, unfortunately, I need seven bridges

Vanilla Ice will get an allusion, due to this icy area in my novel and the fact he grew up in Florida. Coincidently, I ran into him while making my last Post; he appears in the Adam Sandler movie that drew the ire of Native Americans. I’m certain many will find my plans for Vanilla Ice, as funnier than anything in Adam Sandler’s head.

As for multiplicity, you can see it in my title, based on the Ice Ice Baby song. Xy is the male chromosome, Iceman comes from Marvel’s X-Men, and some of course will see sexy in the Xy. Some may even imagine an x-rated version.

I used a trading card, I found on amazon, to depict Iceman’s bridge.

(Iceman 40 Marvel Masterpieces Series 1 Trading Card 1992)

Top right image from Wikimedia: Description: Vanilla Ice. Robert Matthew Van Winkle

Date17 February 2007, 00:11

Author: Dave Kleinschmidt from Williamstown, MA

Brückner’s painting also come from Wikimedia.


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