Executing White Collar Criminals


White collar crime reverberates throughout society and indirectly create crimes at lower levels, What if we held a vote each year to execute the most damaging White Collar criminal, in the prison system? I vote politicians in as candidates. University leaders and many others could make the list, also. My last scene, I finished writing, involved failing institutions. When leaders not only fail, but commit crimes for profit, it hurts society.

We might also apply a lottery, to select between the top three vote getters and even offer a chance for reprieve. I guess I want some Schadenfreude after reading about falsified studies and corrupt politicians. My idea brought to mind Shirley Jackson’s. short story, The Lottery. If you have capital punishment and most of these come from people on the disadvantaged end of society; a token from the advantaged class may be fitting. Maybe the rich need a wake up call.


Mixing History, Mythology, and Trivia


Diana Canova, from TV’s Soap, comes from an old Florida family. Canova’s ancestors came to New Smyrna, as indentured servants; she comes from a cultural group called the Minorcans. The Mediterranean island, belongs to Spain, but it once belonged to the Minoan culture; hence, the connection to King Minos – the snake tailed guy who Dante Alighieri used to send souls to their appropriate place in Hell.

Minos also had a horny wife, who wanted to leap on a bull. King Minos had Icarus create a bull for his Queen to ride and she rode it so well – she gave birth to the Minotaur. I already did a post on Bull Leaping; which, comes from the Minoan culture at Knossos. Below the Palace of Knossos, you will find a Snake Room – which should help explain the snake tail of King Minos.

My novel involves a mix of history, mythology, and trivia. Now back to Diana Canova, whose ancestors owe a debt to mine, a fellow Catholic from the era, who held much influence. Canova moved on from her Catholic and Minoan roots to join Scientology; which, she separated from due to their continual askance of money. A couple of my recent post mention Scientology and Catholicism is often a subject, so making reference to Canova seems a good choice, for my particular purpose.

I usel Canova’s semblance, in a risqué way; which fits many roles she has played. Her song from The First Nudie Musical would fit well on my soundtrack, where she does some Hispanic mispronunciation of “It’s just so big.”

Canova’s husband, Elliot Scheiner, has Grammy awards from working with Beyoncé the Eagles; so I imagine the hold wealth and influence. The Eagles have a couple of members from Florida and I use them earlier in the chapter.

Scientology, A Child of Thelema

pleasureDome Nin-horz

Links from Kenneth Anger’s movie, The Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome, will take you to the origins of Scientology.. Marjorie Cameron, the scarlet woman on the cover and the star of the movie, was married to Jack Parsons, a founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and the Aerojet Engineering Corporation, followed Aleister Crowley‘s teachings of Thelema. Parsons befriended Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, another Crowley follower.

Patsons’s life moved into soap opera territory when he slept with his wife’s sister, Sara Northrup, who later on runs off with Parson’s best friend, Hubbard. Marjorie Cameron came into Parsons life in a manner best described as Weird Science – as in the movie. Parsons performed a ritual to bring forth the elemental woman of his dreams – the Scarlet Woman.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m just a dude writing a novel; which involves a fertility cult. The Pleasure Dome film depicts fertility cult initiation, Anais Nin appears in the film, as Astarte – I wrote a post abut her.

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief is a documentary attacking Tom Cruise’s religion. I suspect Hubbard stole many ideas from Parsons, whose mind burned too bright. Hubbard obviously had a talent for social manipulation, but I suspect the science  ideas came from Parsons. Thelema borrowed from Hinduism, Egyptian mythology, Rosicrucianism, and many others.

One last note, Anger borrowed some clips from the Italian silent film, L’Inferno. My last post came due to links to Dante Alighieri.

Porn and the Towers of Faith


Pornstar Harry Reems lost his life to alcohol and Christian preacher saved him; another preacher crumbled that faith.Reems starred in the Christian based porn epic, Devil in Miss Jones. The plot borrows from Dante Alighieri’s depiction of hell and it probably proved porn is the best medium by which to depict Dante’s vision. Back to Reems and the two preachers; the first preacher cared about souls and the second cared about the collection plate. Atheists love to focus on the televangelists pleading for money through fifty-five minutes of an hour-long show, but the symbol of Christ has saved various types of abusers from spiraling down even further.

Ron Jeremy and the XXXchurch is another interesting story which harkens when Protestant women helped “fallen angels” (prostitutes) start a new life.

The “towers of faith” play a part in the scene I am creating. Faith in doctors is another tower of faith; and in my case, the tower has crumbled. I’m not sure if a bad experiences with psychiatrists helped build the Church of Scientology but they do offer a look at twin towers of differing faith. The Fort Hood shooter makes Tom Cruise’s rant about psychiatry look awfully sane. Roman Catholicism and Islamism cries of heresy make the Space Ghost religion look saner, as well. I’m sorry if my limited research about Scientology  caused me to see it as a Space Ghost religion, but the communication about the belief system seems vague.

I used Anais Nin, in a previous post, because her tale involves several towers of trust. Sexual relations with two trust figures, her father and her Freudian psychiatrist, makes Nin’s story fit my analogy.

Putting sex in my Tower of Pride seems logical because of the nature of my main character. Narcissism has many sex related elements.

Reems was Jewish before conversion to Christianity; he was also an US Marine. He filmed the sex scenes for Deep Throat in Florida. Gerard Damiano, director and producer of both porn movies mentioned, had a long history in Florida and died here; which, fits my regional theme.

Vatican Names Ramsay Bolton The New Grand Inquisitor


The Roman Catholics burned & beheaded Protestants when they left the Church over indulgences (there were over issues but indulgences were the main issue). You won’t find the refusals to pay indulgences on the  “big sin” list and you don’t find them on any list anymore, except the discontinued list. Homosexuality was on their big sin list. Can Ramsay Bolton be enough of an upgrade over Tomás de Torquemada to make up the difference between indulgences and homosexuality.

I’m generally neutral about homosexuality, but I think some issues need debate. But I can’t help, but get a few laughs over this humiliating defeat of the Catholic Church. I plan to depict the Church as a fish-headed ivory tower. The fish head odes the Pope’s mitre (hat) and the Mesopotamian god, Dagon. The “ivory tower effect” caused problems for Joe Paterno and Penn State, Florida State’s Jameis Winston  problem may or may not come from the “ivory tower effect” but the Vatican is a prime example of an ivory tower.

I plan to refer to a character in my novel, as Torque, and the humorously coincidental name of Torquemada is too good to pass up. A dark sense of humor about these things is the only way to jeep sane when people still toss around the charge of heresy.

Ramsay Bolton is the biggest psychopath, on the Game of Thrones; when many psychopaths appear on the show; it takes talent to lead the way.

[Rafael Sabatini wrote the book, Torquemada and the Spanish Inquisition. I’ve read Sabatini’s fiction but I only browsed this work of non-fiction. I read more about the conquistadors, I haven’t focused on individual Inquisitors.

Catholic Girls Unleashed


Catholicism has always tried to keep a leash on feminine sexuality. Read about Pre-code Hollywood and you will see Roman Catholics put the clamps on sexuality. I found a quote on Wikipedia’s Anais Nin web page, by the Communist activist Gonzalo More; which I found humorous :

She was “a true Catholic,” More told her. “You love the sin and absolution and regrets and sinning again.

I think it is safe to say the Communist activist was a former Catholic because there is often a Catholic-Communist link and a Catholic to Atheist link, the Catholic to dictator link and from a quick browse about Scientology – I suspect many came from Catholic upbringings.

Does a tight religious leash create a stronger leash fetish? Studies have shown the Catholic virginity fetish has caused many teens to use alternative holes. The Catholics history with heresy makes the Irish vote for gay marriage, sort of funny. In the olden days the Vatican would have burned all of Ireland at the stake. The Catholic Church burned Protestants over what was primary issue of indulgences which they eventually stopped enforcing.

I’m thinking about using Anais Nin for a scene in my novel for various reasons. She had sexual relationships with her father and her Freudian psychiatrist. I have a hankering to play the Scientology hate of psychiatry against Nin’s psychiatrist and the Islamist psychiatrist who our American military put in charge of mental health until he became known as the Fort Hood shooter.

I found William S. Burroughs’ experience Scientology (Ali’s Smile: Naked Scientology) interesting. He found his early experiences freeing, but he felt an authoritarian control in latter experiences. If I’m right about a high percentage of Catholics among the Scientology ranks; I can’t help but wonder if they search for someone else to hold the leash. Madonna, Lady Gaga, and other female celebrities are former Catholics and have shown a fondness for BDSM imagery. I just makes me wonder.

Deviating from the Religious Norm


Heresy is deviating from religious norm of a region’s dominant force. Protestants protested against the Roman Catholic Church; mainly due to indulgences. Eventually, due to erosion of power, the Vatican stopped enforcing indulgence penalties, but never humbled themselves to admit the Martin Luther was right and the past Papal regimes were wrong. Because Catholics no longer pay indulgences they are now in-line with the heretics they persecuted,

I use a logo from Heresy Records because they are proud heretics, but made special efforts to find Protestants which used the term heresy (link to the page.) For a Protestant to use the term, “heresy,” is extra stupid (sorry Australia). Other than the Australian incident, Heresy Records listed John Calvin and the Roman Catholic Church as accusers of Michael Servetus. Many Protestants branched off of John Calvin’s version of religion, but Protestant isn’t or never was a single religion. I laughed when I read Flannery O’Connor’s biography; the Vatican must do some serious brainwashing; she seemed to equate John Calvin to a Protestant saint – Protestants do not have saints and I doubt many preach Predestination.

(One observation I had about Predestination is that it sounds like genetic predisposition; which most people probably agree with, to a certain extent.)

I used the cover, from the movie adaption of George Orwell’s 1984, to depict religious brainwashing. People see Big Brother as a government but Big Religion is just as sinister. I make no apologies for bashing the Roman Catholic Church because a large centralized religion poses a thereat to liberty. Roman Catholic religion = Big & Centralized while Protestant is small and decentralized – Which do you think is more likely to threaten liberties when an “ivory tower” mentality sets in?

Tracking down Protestant accusals of heresy seemed daunting so I found the Heresy Records info useful. We both find “accusals of heresy” insane but I’m sure being an Irish company, Heresy Records had more incentive to find Protestant examples. I’m at least three generations away from my Catholic ancestors, which probably exist five generations away. We, probably, both show some bias but I hope the bold print in the paragraph above shows the reasoning for my Catholic bashing. Any complaints — think about those indulgences.

I may put clocks striking thirteen into this scene I’m creating to allude to Orwell’s’ 1984. The ivory tower, I’m creating, alludes to the Catholic church but I’m still decorating.I will probably allude to Muslims, due to their accusals of heresy; as well. I’m curious how many Scientologists broke off from the Catholic Church. The two most famous, John Travolta and Tom Cruise, grew up Catholic. Scientology hates Psychiatry and the Fort Hood shooter was an Islamic psychiatrist – I see something – I just haven’t got the complete picture, yet. I’m to the point I hate all doctors, so I’m not sure I can’t look down on Tom Cruise’s rant on psychiatry. Big Pharma is probably the big problem, but celebrities and the rest of the media have helped make Big Pharma a bigger monster.

Servetus, who I mentioned earlier, fought with the other two Christian groups about the Trinity – which I find as silly. I can appreciate religious symbols, but I don’t see how anyone other than a god can know the details. Belief in god is not the problem; it is the narcissism in belief which causes the problem.

Heresy Records is an Irish Independent Label which specializes in Early music, Traditional Irish music, World music, Contemporary music and a synthesis of these genres. They do their own cover art and kudos to the logo.

Gay Pride or Narcisscism

Embed from Getty Images


I believe some are born gay; some are just born narcissists. I would suggest dumping “gay pride” for “gay acceptance.” I doubt I’m the only one wondering about some in the LGBT community. I’m sorry Bruce Jenner or whatever you go by now; you live in a narcissist wonderland – how can anyone tell if Jenner just wants to compete for attention make money? Supposedly celebrities are trying to make money for the Red Nose charity, but many ways, commercial advertising is a tax on everyone; including the poor, to make celebrities richer.

The gay issue just isn’t something I’m going to wrap my political beliefs around. I wish both parties would quit playing groupism games.by using hot-button issues.

Ellen and Portia had a meeting with Obama; just after the Japanese earthquake and nuclear crisis. I’m sorry if I saw Japan’s problems, as more important. I’m sure the appointment was set, but there is this thing called “political optics” and it failed my eye test. I hate when politicians play with hot button issues. Have a televised debate and a vote on such issues rather than mixing it into political platforms.

Quit asking me  to see the gay thing as a top political issue and I’m sure I will get more accepting. Think about what I said about changing the “gay pride” to “gay acceptance.” I suspect many gays see my point. Listen to my point and I will listen to yours. Don’t be a narcissist.

I just wrote a scene with a gay pride parade and if my book ever gets published; I want some clarification in my thought processes. I don’t hate gays; I accept some just are, but I‘m sorry if I don’t see things as clear-cut and hold reservations. Pride was the keyword I was aiming at; I wouldn’t have used gays in the scene if not for the pride attached.

The Philosophy of Satan’s Fall


A philosopher gives appreciation to religion in, I See Satan Fall Like Lightning. I’m sure some religious people will still take issue with what René Girard says but I find many of his views similar to mine. Christ as a symbol is wonderful; the problem is in the details. People fight over such things as the Trinity. Only a god can know the details, so believing you know such details means you worship Narcissus.

Girard appears to branch off from Baruch Spinoza. Einstein said he believed in Spinoza’s god; which, means he did not believe a god was actively involved in lives but did not rule out the possible existence.

Atheist antagonism toward religion grates me because it is pointless and pushing people towards nihilism seems apocalyptic in itself. Seeing Christ as a symbol of sacrifice is not a bad thing. Girard sees value religion and notes the importance of religion in human development.

I ran into Girard’s book while trying to figure out something for my novel. Satan’s fall is one of my themes, in this chapter I have in rewrite. I appear to have cleared another stumbling block. Now, I’m decorating the tower, in my scene.

Raping Theon Not Sansa


Body parts get almost equal treatment in the Game of Thrones. Maybe some feel slighted due to the lack of penis shots but I’m sure many guys will send you their pictures; if you want. Theon Greyjoy is a guy and no one got enraged about his treatment but now the Feminists cry foul when Sansa gets raped.

History is filled with such brutality; George R. R. Martin and HBO just put it into fictional fantasy. If you watched it before then why does the rape scene change much. I’m sorry; the Feminist response seems irrational. They do guy-guy sex scenes which I’m not into but I don’t see much reason to get enraged. I do see homosexuality as a complex social issue; which, may result in even more swaps of sexual favors for grades or financial rewards but the act sexual itself isn’t doesn’t alarm me.

Feminists with opposing views became an issue in my novel and Game of Thrones shares a similar theme of power mongering. A change in my novel has forced me to try a so something than I originally planned. Martin makes note of the Butterfly effect when talking about the directions the HBO has diverged from his book. Anyone making creative attempts should see this effect.